What Men Really Want In A Woman

What Men Really Want In A Woman They Would Like To Date

Many women wonder, what do men really want in a woman. Even though this topic has been discussed by us in previous articles, there are still a several single women (and sometimes even married women and women in a relationship) that write to asking for more details on this topic. So here we go…

Most women know and agree that men are very different than women, and this one fact in my opinion is the basis for most of the differences that men and women have on various subjects. Sticking to the topic of dating and romantic relationships, women constantly try to understand men from their own perspective but the most important thing they miss is that men think very differently than women. Things that men want in women is very different to what women want from men. Most women do not know and understand this one key difference between men and women, and learning and practicing how to connect with be irresistible to men is of utmost importance for single women looking for a romantic relationship. A good book to read on this topis is James Bauer’s What Men Secretly Want.

So, what is it that men secretly want from women? The main thing they want from women is a respectful and loving connection. While women focus on being loved, men focus on being respected. This is extremely important, and if you do not take anything else from this article, take this one thing…that men want to be respected. There is a relationship expert by the name of James Bauer who has helped many women over the years teaching this same concept that he calls, “The Respect Principle“. This is what men want in women. Women who do not know this and end up being condescending towards the man they like (even if it is unintentional or supposed to be in jest), end up losing that man forever in most cases. This is usually the reason behind men disappearing completely from the picture where the woman thought that she was really ‘hitting it off’ with this particular guy.

This is one of the simplest ways to increase your attraction factor when getting to know a man. This is also a good way to have a long lasting bond with a man. Of course there are other factors that make men attracted to women like good looks, independence, etc. but these other factors are more commonly known by women. So, I decided to share this particular tip to help some women out with their dating.

Now to be more specific for all the women that have specifically asked for details, here are some examples to keep in mind…firstly, to be irresistible to men the key is to connect with them. I know this is obvious but the key is to know how to connect with men and the way to do so is to listen to them well, and take an interest. You will be surprised how many women just love talking about themselves and the only way the take any interest is by asking a hundred questions.

So use the Respect Principle, as James Bauer calls it, and become irresistible to men.